Julie Corbin, Ph.D. Integrative Psychotherapy of Morristown -
The Human-Animal Bond and Pet Loss

My professional and personal interest in the relationship between humans and animals led me to complete my Doctoral Dissertation in Clinical Psychology on the Human-Canine Bond and Pet Loss. 

My research entitled;A Phenomenological Study of Canine Loss and Grief Response: Clinical and Depth Psychological Implications, examined the nature of the relationship humans form with their canine companions and the grief response that occurs at the conclusion of a pet's life. This research examined the correlation between disenfranchised loss and increase risk for complicated grief response, clinical depression and PTSD in marginalized groups of bereaved pet owners.
From my research findings, I developed a treatment model to serve as a framework for mental health professions working to assist bereaved pet owners through this very difficult time.  The unique relationship that people share with their animal companions requires an adaptive therapeutic approach when dealing with the grief response and seeks to; develop a deep understanding regarding the essence of each person's mourning process, validate and normalize the emotional and psychological reaction, help the bereaved to reconcile the loss in a way that continues to honor the relationship they had with their deceased canine companions.
Part of my clinical practice is dedicated to pet bereavement and the unique dynamics of this often times over looked and under valued loss. I provide individual pet loss counseling services and educational services to; service animals, military working dogs, k-9 units, family canine companions and local animal hospitals.

Clinical and Support Services include:

Individual Pet Loss Counseling
Pet Loss Support Groups
Training and Educational Services for Mental Health and
Veterinarian Professionals
Psychological Evaluations for Emotional Support Animals. 


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